RM Moving - Angie Morris worse agent,refers criminals to move customers- R & M Moving co-Seminole

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Ann Rogers needs to watch the hen house more closer, as she is not doing her job, with this kind of transaction & harassment.Do all your agents refer customers to Criminals?

Angie Morris is the worse agent that I have ever come in contact with, She is very unprofessional, demanding, controlling, pushy, frustrating, & could care less about the customers.

I called her Manager, Ann Rogers, and told her the problems that I have been having & she could also care less. This is a shady bunch. I thought I could trust Angie as she was my agent, I was alone & not sure who I could hire to move my belongings. She advised me to hire R & M moving Co, Seminole, FL....I thought that I could trust her?

Wrong! She is nothing but a scam artist, liar, cheat & corrupt. She only gave the me the name of 1 moving company, come to find out after the move the Roland, mover has 5 felonies against him, Dealing in stolen property, burglary of a residence, grand theft of a firearm, robbery & multiple marijuaa charges. They did not have any names on their t shirts, sloppy looking, acted like they were on drugs, laughing, joking, 4-5 men in my home moving me.

They took 3/4 of my belongings, jewelry, clothes, housewares, whatever they could get their hands on. I only got 1/4 back. I was alone & they took all that I worked for.

You all need to be in Rikers prison the way you treat customers....you all will never see my face again & I will tell the world on what you do to customers, you have enough problems the way customers on this site speak about your company & your bad attitudes, referring customers to criminals.You people are low lifes to do this to a customer who paid you.


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Pinellas County Sherriffs Dept & on their website Roland had 5... prior felonies

against him:

Robbery,dealing in stolen property, burglary of a residence, grand theft of a

firearm & multiple

marijuana charges......



This is the God's honest truth.....

I was & I am on disability & these people are all scammers,very

unprofessional, nasty, rude, liars & prey on woman alone & should not be in

business.My real estate agent, Angie Morris with Keller Williams referred me

only to r & m moving co,.... she only referred me to 1 mover only & no others, I


not have much furniture to move in my condo as I gave away a dining room set,

living room set & bedroom set.They charged me $1229 to move me & robbed me.

I called R & M moving & spoke to owner Rose,she gave me a low ball figure on

moving & packing boxes,they said that they had boxes in their warehouse, so why

did they charge me for home depot boxes.

I previously packed 45 boxes, then they said they would pack more boxes for me &

it would be

faster, they lied again due to I had no free use of wardrobe boxss, their whole

advertisement is bogus & full fledged lies. II had 4-5 men in my home & they

were all in different rooms & Roland was

the only person that gave me his name the other men did not have their names on

their shirts & I could not keep track of everyone in my home,....They were

trying to

distract me in my home, asking me all kinds of questions,if I had a husband or

boyfriend? was anyone coming to help me?I have nice things in my home.There were

clothes,housewares,ect, they broke items & items missing,

my good clothes are missing. They kept my belongings overnite in the truck &

went through them.They were looking for the valuable items.It was such a mess

with this company & they do not take any responsibility for anything.I was

calling them to bring back my belongings & they would laugh in my face & stated

that they did not take anything, the wife would scream at me & call me names.

They lied to the police & do not care. They are callous, narcissists that care

about no one or who they hurt.They prey on women alone.You took enough from me

but your day will be in court with a higher power.I had items in my home that I

had forever & they ruined that due to that they are greedy & self centered

parasistic manifestation. If they scam the small items they will do anything for

money & greed.Do not believe what they say or do, due to the fact

that they are full fledged liars, thieves & scammers, drug addicts & thieves, &

my friend was by my home when they brought some of my items back, not all of

them as they kept them in their storage area & went through them & kept what

them wanted, they were laughing, joking & I believe on drugs.People who are

decent,caring & honest do not scam people & do not do what they did to me.They

charged me a lot of money for what they did & took.

I believe that this company scammed others.They bought a new truck after the

move, what a

coincidence. ...Please give your feedback with these type of companies who prey

on people, parasites, *** bags, liars.

I am not just doing this for myself but for everyone who has been

scammed.You type of people are a poor excuse for what you do to others. Get out

of town & leave us alone...Also 2020 tv station in the past had a segment on

companies that the Better Business Bureau accepts money from these type of

companies, pay to play....The BBB system is corrupt, which they are supposed to

be in business

to help the customers, not hire the crooks? They are real scavengers & low

lifes.... If you do not want to be robbed & violated, stay away from these tyoe

of companies or you will be very, very sorry...WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!HE

WHO LAUGHS FIRST LAUGHS LAST! These type of companies need to be robbed & see

how it feels to them. Your day will be in court, I can't wait, then I will be

laughing & you will be in ***.

Review about: Moving Company.







:( Tell your friends & family that not be alone in the home if you are a woman .....They scammed me this way...Laughing & joking, making fun.They are no good to the bone. :( :( :( :( :(

Actually, from my experience...Stay definitely away from them. They are nice on the phone but once they get your business & goods they are very nasty & hateful...


*** hath no fury like a paying customer scammed.

Character is who you are when no one is watching....

This company is a joke, they have 2 businesses in Seminole, FL & 1 business in

Tampa, FL, they are not hurting for money, so they scam their customers. How

much else does this company want, blood? A police report was made on 10/3/09, on

7/13/10 the Missy Rose made a snide commentt" We provided moving services as

requested by Miss LaPointe on 10/30/09, which is almost 9 months ago",After

they got my money & business she got nasty with me & was adamant about faxing me

the paperwork that I needed.,what a mess & a disaster...Big deal, Lady , if you

are a lady./definitely thief & liar, I do not care if it is 30 years ago or

yesterday.In America people have a right to voice their opinion, as long it is

the truth people in this country need to voice their opinion when there are

businesses out there like yours trying to scam people and you are one of them.If

you have 3 or more businesses & have to go into people homes & move ,steal,lie

cheat & verbally abuse them, then you need to get out of business,you need to be

respectful, the people/customers are paying you for your services & it needs to

be superior to the max, is this all we get? You people are just nasty ***..

After you people moved me & I paid you & brought you into...

names. Is that what you do to people who pay for your services? You want it your

way, one of these days your way won't work anymore.But you people do not know

what the truth is because you are greedy & selfish, rude & cocky. Grow up & do

right to people.People do not change..& these people want it all for themselves.

Also you people lied on the police report, this will be revealed. Go into your

family's homes & steal from them, stay away from the good people who are just

trying to make a living.

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